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Communicating with the Insured in Tense Situations

Communicating with the Insured in Tense Situations

Working in claims management comes with its own set of challenges. Sometimes, we perceive working with the insured to be one of those challenges. They may be difficult to get in touch with, frustrated, and outright angry at times. What we need to remember is that although this process is a regular part of our lives, it is an urgent and sometimes traumatic event in theirs which is likely causing them a great deal of stress and we must be sensitive to that.

By communicating properly with the insured, you can help make the claims process easier for them and hopefully alleviate some of their stress in the process.


Let the insured know you understand their situation, no matter the severity of the loss. As an adjuster, you may have seen worse in the field but remember this may be the worst loss the insured has ever experienced.

Be the point of contact.

Advise the insured you will be there for them throughout the claim. By the time you receive the claim, they may have already spoken to several different people and have likely received some conflicting information. Try to explain the process as clearly as you can and let them know you are there for them if they have any additional questions or concerns.

Set reasonable expectations.

Be transparent and let them know the estimated process time based on both your and the carrier's processing timelines. If you are unable to get their request right away, ask them to give you time to correctly handle what it is they need.

Follow through.

Always follow through. Even if you are unable to complete their request in the timeframe you initially gave, communicate with them and request more time. Let them know that you haven't forgotten about their claim and their request is important to you.

As an adjuster you have the ability to make a positive impact on the people you come into contact with. At Brush Country Claims, we firmly believe in delivering the best customer service possible and our adjusters are not only professional, but courteous and kind to the insured at all times, creating an exceptional claims experience.