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How to Stand Out as an Independent Adjuster

How to Stand Out as an Independent Adjuster

Let’s face it. There are a ton of independent adjusters out there and only so much work to be had. So how do you place yourself at the head of the pack? Use your resume!

Here are five tips on how to make your resume stand out as an independent adjuster:

1.   Detail your proficiency on estimating software.

Whether you’re using Xactimate, Symbility, or another estimating software, be sure to list how long you’ve been using the software and any certifications you’ve earned for training on the software.

2.      List all licenses and certifications.

Include a list of all states you are licensed to work in as well as your license number. You should also include any relevant certifications you have earned and the date that you earned them.

3.      Describe your last three catastrophe deployments.

Include when you deployed, what types of properties you adjusted, the amount of claims you processed and your average turnaround time. This will give carriers and firms an excellent idea of your capabilities while also showing your experience as an independent adjuster.

4.      Include letters of recommendation.

The reality is most people don’t take the time to contact your references. Including three letters of recommendation from previous clients or supervisors can be very impactful and bolster your resume.

5.     Format and relevancy are key!

Sometimes we’re tempted to include all of our previous work experience, but only include positions where your experience would be beneficial to your work as an independent adjuster. Be sure to keep your resume to one page (excluding letters of recommendation) and keep the format clean and easy to read. You can make your resume stand out by using a bold, colorful font for your name!

And remember, be honest! While inflating your resume may look good initially, you are actually setting yourself up for failure in the long run. Give the reader has realistic expectations for your work and let them know that you are dedicated to learning more!