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Brush Country Claims is hiring!

We've made some fantastic improvements to our claims process and we are looking for someone to fill our new position of Claims Coordinator. This individual would work with our Administration and Recruiting Departments to review, assign, and monitor daily, HyDAP, and catastrophe claims. 

Here's a complete list of the primary duties of this remote full-time position:

  • Review newly set up claims FNOL/Dec sheet and assign adjuster, supervisor, manager team based up on qualifications/workload/quality or resource – Assign all field, HyDAP and Catastrophe claims
  • Ensure claims are promptly assigned out – goal is to dispatch within 2 hours of claim creation
  • Maintain and distribute client information packets and how to guides to assist field in performing duties.
  • Minimal training for field resources to include Hubvia help, client requirements, and field scoping application walk-through
  • Communicate clearly (verbally/written) and regularly with field resources to ensure understanding of guidelines/Service Level expectations and repercussions of non-compliance.
  • Anticipate adjuster resource needs and geographic locations of those needs and work with Recruitment in onboarding campaign
  • work with Field Director and Catastrophe & HyDAP Director to obtain feedback on problematic resources
  • Assist with reviewing new adjuster signups, reviewing their qualifications/experience and possible phone interview
  • Use problem solving/out-side the box thinking for the “difficult to assign” claims, whether a result of complexity or geographic shortage of resources. Provide potential solution to appropriate party to make final determination of implementation.
  • Monitor “claim rejected” or “claim re-assignment” requests and ensure handled/dispatched with urgency. Further importance, phone call must be made to the NEW adjuster to ensure prompt contact/handling.
  • Monitor claims assigned but not yet accepted by adjuster, any claims not accepted in 12-hour window by adjuster require either: verbal contact with adjuster to promptly engage OR urgent reassignment
  • Assist in monitoring claims 24-36 hours old pending a set inspection, follow up, as necessary. Engage adjuster, assist in non-contact letter creation.
  • Participate and/or complete any special projects as requested
  • Assist Field director in monitoring daily assignments and flagging any assignment near due or overdue and communicate expectations to the field when this occurs.
  • Assist Catastrophe director in administrative tasks in preparation of catastrophe events, including ensuring updated profiles, contracts, licenses, background checks, and other items as needed.
  • Update and maintain daily and catastrophe resource profiles and ensure resources update their information.

Our ideal fit for this position is personable and assertive with the ability to build a solid rapport with our adjusters. Prior adjusting experience will give them the ability to understand appropriate expectations for adjusters and enforce them accordingly. This person should be a problem solver and be able to think outside the box! 

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