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Just Like London, Insurtech Merges Tradition With Disruption

Brush Country Claims COO, Troy Stewart, and I have now passed the halfway mark in our time working with Lloyd's Lab, the prestigious 10-week insurtech accelerator program convened by the internationally renowned Lloyd's of London. We've had a packed few weeks meeting with our mentors, fellow

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Covid accelerated digital tech

How COVID-19 Has Accelerated a Digital Revolution in the Insurance Industry

If necessity is the mother of invention, crisis might just be its father. Crisis has a way of speeding up the rate at which we adopt new technologies by making us abandon long-held traditions. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, radio programming took off, since anyone with a wireless set could tune in to a whole day's worth of free news and entertainment. After World War II ended,

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BCC in Lloyd lab

Brush Country Claims Wins Spot in Prestigious Innovation Lab

For the past three years, Lloyd’s of London — one of the world’s most respected insurance marketplaces — has convened small groups of industry leaders for an intensive 10-week program exploring innovative solutions to solve gaps in the insurance industry.

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Lloyd labs

PRESS RELEASE: Lloyd’s Lab Pitch Day

GEORGETOWN, Texas – July 28, 2021 – Brush Country Claims, a Central Texas-based independent adjusting firm, will participate in the pitch day for the reputable seventh cohort of Lloyd’s of London innovation accelerator, The Lloyd’s Lab. Brush Country Claims will share its vision of streamlining and automating the claims process and how the customer journey can be most successful to a large London market panel.

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team leaders

Get to Know our CAT Team Leaders

With hurricane season upon us, we wanted to do a little Q&A with our CAT team leaders to get their take on the evolving industry, see what advice they have for new adjusters, and hear some stories from their own field deployments!

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Rising Building Costs

Rising Building Costs and Insurance Premiums

In the first half of 2021 we have seen a rapid increase in the price of materials needed for construction. What is responsible for the rise in the price of building materials? How are the rising building costs impacting home insurance premiums?

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Benefits Remote Work

The Benefits of Remote Work

Healthy culture = healthy employees. We’re proud to say our team at Brush Country Claims seamlessly transitioned into remote work when the pandemic hit.

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big picture

A Big Picture Solution for Claims Management

t’s easy to overlook the little things when you’re trying to see the big picture. But often times those seemingly small issues are the cause of much bigger problems. In the insurance industry, the devil is in the details.

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time management

A Better Approach to Time Management

There are countless books, articles, blogs, podcasts and even classes that discuss time management. It always starts with dedicating "x” block of time on these days to do “y”.

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keep clients happy

How to Keep Your Client Partners Happy

Before I was in the insurance claims business, I managed teams in large advertising agencies. There was a saying commonly used in advertising: The second you win a client is the second you start losing them.

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effective meetings

Make Your Meetings Count

I have spent almost two years of my life in meetings. My son asked me yesterday, after a day full of meetings, “If you added up all of your meetings, how long would that be?”

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claims adjuster career

Level Up Your Adjusting Career

One of the best parts of my job is mentoring adjusters. I love seeing people enter the industry with the drive and desire to have a career having the opportunity to help them achieve their goals.

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hail damage

What Is Functional Hail Damage?

While these losses are uncommon (only about 10% of hailstones are even over 2”, according to the NOAA), the reality is most hail losses are complex and require a detailed eye to properly document the damage. (And you should always climb the roof.)

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all about hail spatter

All About Hail Spatter

Did you know that a quick, preliminary inspection can provide great insight into a reported hail loss and better guide you during your detailed inspection?

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service insurance

Service in Insurance

When I was in the Army, I did not want to leave the service for one simple reason: I didn’t think there was anything in the “civilian” workforce that would make me feel the same sense of purpose and service as the military did.

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hail damage

Aw, Hail!

Here in central Texas we are no strangers to severe winds and hail but after Winter Storm Uri in February of 2021, we thought we should share some tips on how to prep for the severe weather season.

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prepare for tornado

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Do you have a plan? Preparation is key to ensure you and your family are protected when the unexpected happens. Every year hundreds of tornados sweep the U.S. and cause loss of life and millions (sometimes billions) of dollars in property damage.

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staff promotion


Rachel came on board with Brush about a year ago and was charged with creating an alignment of our company vision with our online presence" says President & COO Troy Stewart.

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strategic discover

Strategic Discovery: Why It Matters

Strategic Discovery should be the first step in any carrier-vendor relationship. This process is a structured approach for both teams to come together to understand the specific business problems present and develop a short- and long-term strategy to solve that problem.

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Insurance Career


Our President & COO, Troy Stewart, asked our team to share what motivates them to give their #BrushCountryBest each and every day. The answers were absolutely inspiring!

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staff promo


GEORGETOWN, Texas, February 2, 2021 – Brush Country Claims is experiencing rapid growth and development as they continue to expand their team and strengthen their service offerings.

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We can all agree that last year was unpredictable, to say the least. At Brush Country Claims, we have adapted to our new sense of normalcy and are constantly looking at ways to thrive in this environment.

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2020 has certainly had it's ups and downs (and more downs) but we're ending the year on a high note with the elevation of not one, but THREE of our amazing staff members!

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brush country news


EORGETOWN, Texas, December 16, 2020 – National insurance adjustment firm Brush Country Claims, LTD. announced today that Joshua Cruce has been named Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

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